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Pick to Light

Pick to Light


 •  Thousands of picks to be performed each hour.  Warehouse staff has to be:
Accurate & Fast, in order that customer orders are fulfilled. It results in customer satisfaction.


•  Basic system will include lights above racks or bins. Location configuration is configure on WMS or WCS.  •  An operator will scan a barcode on a picking container which represents customer order (can be partial). WMS or WCS cubes the customer orders in picking containers.  •  A light above the bin illuminates, with the quantity to be picked by operator.

 •  There is no language interaction.  •  Users doesn’t have to wait for another command or voice instruction, so they can choose what pick is next according to their experience, allowing simultaneous picks.

Put to Light

Put to Light

 •  It is an effective sortation method to break larger quantities of product into individual customer orders.

 •  Merchandise is typically batch picked beforehand is brought to a put station.

 •  Operators scan unique bar codes (locations or products), then light turns on when customer orders are requiring that item.

Pick to Voice

Pick to Voice

The staff on the warehouse floor uses a headset and microphone to receive instructions by voice, and verbally confirm their actions back to the system.

The warehouse operator will normally read back the last 2 or 3 digits of the item they have picked so that the system can check the correct item has been selected.

The WMS will then give the operator the next instruction based on the algorithm in the WMS system.

In addition, the voice picking scenario does not require the operator to hold or operate a handheld device to scan barcodes so they will have both hands free to perform the pick.

Cart Systems

Cart Systems

Put-to-Light is frequently combined with computer monitor/LCD Displays, RF, Voice and/or other technologies on carts to enhance the accuracy of batch picking processes.

One of these complementary technologies guides operators to the right product locations in a warehouse.

Then an RF scan is used to confirm the correct shelf location and/or product is selected, lights on the cart guide necessary ‘puts’ to totes.

These automated carts are often referred to as mobile Put-to-Light stations

WCS - Warehouse Control System

Macht WCS coordinates material handling sub-systems such as conveyor belts, carousels, scales and sorters. At each decision point, the WCS determines the most efficient product flow and transmits directives to the equipment controllers to achieve the desired result. Facilities with automated material-handling hardware often have a warehouse control system (WCS) that integrates with a warehouse management system (WMS) to provide management with a comprehensive view of the warehouse.


Some of the primary benefits include Light Systems:

 •  Faster sortation rates, offering an average increase of 40% over paper-based or RF-only based methods.
 •  99.9+% Accuracy rates.
 •  Shorter Order Cycle Times.
 •  Reduced Employee Training Time.